Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Explained

The technical overview of the analysis that can help business to track how end-users sentiment changes toward specific features and attributes of a service or product

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What can you expect in the ebook?

This ebook aims to highlight the need for testing and explaining model behaviors.

We have published an open-source aspect_based_sentiment_analysis package where the key idea is to build a pipeline which supports explanations of model predictions.

We have introduced an independent component called the professor that supervises and explains model predictions. The professor's main role is to provide explanations of model decisions that will enhance control over the model. Although we can benefit from the explanations to understand individual predictions (we've built an exemplary GUI to clearly present this advantage) we can also infer general characteristics of model reasoning.

We truly believe that testing and explaining model behaviors can fuel further development, and make models more useful within real-world applications.

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