Learn modularity in ZIO straight from ZIO contributors

Writing modular applications is without a doubt very important in software engineering. It allows us to build software no matter the complexity involved. And composability has been one of the core principles of ZIO from the very beginning.

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What's new in the updated version?

  • Updated to Scala 2.13.3
  • Updated to ZIO 1.0.3
  • Added some alternative ways for building ZLayersZIO#toLayerZManaged#toLayerZLayer#requiresZLayer#identity
  • Mocks in tests are automatically generated now, by using macros from zio-test



  • Introduced the zio-macros library, for generating capability accessors for application modules
  • Added a Bonus Section with additional ways of combining ZLayers<><&>+!+>+>



First time with this e-book? You’ll learn:


  • What is the new module structure
    by ZIO
  • ZIO new data types: ZLayer and Has
  • How to reorganize ZIO tests
    and mocks around ZLayers



  • How to reorganize the ZIO application around ZLayers
  • How to create and combine ZLayers, with
    a horizontal and vertical composition
  • ZLayer type aliases



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